Three Minutes and Thirty Three(-ish) Seconds

Le Berger (Sam Landry from Montreal, Canada) has put out an album of drone music by various artists – 3m33s, in which one track was released per day between 30th January and 3rd March. Guidelines for submitting tracks specified a duration of 3 minutes and 33 seconds. In fact, there is some variation in track length, since only 4 of the 33 tracks have a duration of exactly 3:33.000 (these have the same number of samples – 9,393,300). The shortest piece is 3:32.999 and the longest is 3:33.624. Four tracks have a duration of 3:33.333 when measured in milliseconds, but they differ when measured in samples – between 9,407,986 and 9,408,000 (the latter track works out at the closest to 3 minutes 33 1/3 seconds, giving a decimal number ending in recurring 3s). My drone track is one of the 3:33.333 pieces. It is made from two elements – an electronic synth drone that modulates over time, and a recording of my bass guitar, processed with Fourier re-synthesis:

The full album is available via Bandcamp for the modest sum of $3.33 (or more), the proceeds of which go to fund Le Berger’s continuing musical output.

Edit: Complex Silence 33 mix by Phillip Wilkerson features selected tracks from the album, including my piece:

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