Wormhole Spectrogramz

EVOL’s music, more often than not, looks great when visualized. The re-release of Wormhhole Shubz on Entr’acte is no exception. Below is a set of spectrograms* showing the first 35 seconds of each track. Click to enlarge.

EVOL-WS-1 EVOL-WS-2 EVOL-WS-3 EVOL-WS-4 EVOL-WS-5 EVOL-WS-6 EVOL-WS-7 EVOL-WS-8 EVOL-WS-9* Spectrograms represent the time-frequency domain of sound; they show time running from left to right, and frequency from low to high in the vertical direction. Amplitude (volume) is the ‘third dimension’, usually represented by brightness or tone, e.g. black for silence and white for the loudest sound, with greys in between. In these images, amplitude is represented with a colour palette, where red is the loudest, fading through yellow, green and blue to black. Created with foobar2000 audio player.

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