New music

Two new bits of music out this month:

Joe Evans, who released my first two albums on the Runningonair label, has put together an album of remixes of an old and previously unfinished track of his from the 90s called ‘More Than Machine’. There’s a variety of responses to Joe’s instructions to deconstruct the original, including remixes by Ekoplekz, Stephen Chistopher Stamper, Howlround and Clive Henry. My approach focused on the drum sample in the track’s 6/8 breakdown section and re-used the original MIDI files with different instruments. Proceeds from the albums sale go to an anti-slavery charity.

I’m very pleased to have two new pieces out on the FLUF label as part of its AA series which has so far included music by tuuun, Empathic Window, bamboo and Calum Gunn. AA0006 is two tracks made with sonification of environmental data. Each track is based on two sets of data. ‘0006A’ uses two time series of monthly readings of global average surface temperature as measured by the Met Office (HadCRUT4, 1850-2017) and NASA (GISSTEMP, 1880-2017). ‘0006AA’ is made with daily measurements of greenhouse gases by NOAA – C02 (1979-2017) and CH4 (1983-2017). In both tracks, the main measurements (°C, ppm/ppb) are converted to pitch in MIDI files. The second track also incorporates the time of day at which each reading was taken – this is used to set the duration of each note. Sounds were made with Razor synth and the Fluid R3 GM sound font in Szforzando. These two tracks are the latest in a larger body of work based on sonification of data that represents the state of the world today and how it’s changed over the years. There’s an album in the pipeline – more details on this soon.

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