20×20 – Processed Field Recordings

Processed Field Recordings is my new album out on 20×20, a project and label run by Neil Stringfellow. I met Neil in 2015 on a course about field recording tutored by Chris Watson and Jez riley French, and we’ve both participated in the Disquiet Junto. Under the name Audio Obscura, his work includes Gathering Silence, an album based on recordings in empty old churches in rural Norfolk, and an interpretation of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. 20×20 is a project involving 20 artists each making an album of 20 tracks that are 20 seconds long. The first album was released on 20th January 2020, with subsequent releases scheduled every 20 days. This is the 5th in the series, following albums by haLF unusuaL, Daniel Diaz, Tay_ploops and Minimal_Drone*GRL. 

The album and track titles are plainly descriptive. It’s based on recordings I’ve made over the past 10 years in different places: Nottingham city and riverside, a village in Rutland, a smallholding in rural Norfolk, and national parks in Derbyshire and North Yorkshire. The sounds are processed with various effects and some have synthesized sounds added. In all cases, some parameters of the effect or synth are controlled by aspects of the source sound, e.g. volume, pitch and timing. To varying degrees, the processing highlights and obscures elements of the sounds. This is my second album based on field recording. The first was Hyperchaos Volume 1, a collaboration with 23 artists, where the tracks were limited to a maximum of 1 second each. 

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