I’ve got some more new music out on the label Superpang. It’s a sonification of the coronavirus genome data played with Razor VSTi synth, arranged into a kind of electro beat. The genome data is a list of 4 letters – a, c, g and t – representing the amino acid bases: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. This genome sequence is 29,874 bases long, so there’s quite a lot of data, which makes quite a long track. The COVID-19 coronavirus has a large genome because it’s quite complex in the way it counters the body’s immune system.

The genome data comes from here:

Hunter, C. & Wei, X. (2020). Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus genome assembly, chromosome: Whole_genome.

And here is a good explanation of what we know about the virus:

Fischetti, M. (2020). Inside the Coronavirus: What scientists know about the inner workings of the pathogen that has infected the world. Scientific American,

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1 Response to SARS​-​CoV​-​2_LR757995_2b

  1. Yuri Polchenko says:

    I hear pathogen syncopation in rhythm.

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