This is belated write-up of a track I made that’s part of a compilation album including Eiko Ishibashi, farmersmanual, SDEM and William Fields. Ultimate_Collection hydrocycle on a lake is the first release from new label Tokinogake which is run by a collective based in Japan, some of whom also feature on this album, such as IKTS, a0n0 and nankotsuteacher.

My track, MdrM5, was mostly made with samples. I used a collection of over 4,000 single cycle envelope samples that were each 0.014 seconds long. These waveform samples are freely available from Adventure Kid Research & Technology. I converted them from WAV to FLAC and then sorted them in order of file size, which had the effect of grouping the more muffled and bassy sounds at one end and the more trebly sounds at the other. I did this twice – once for the mono samples, which made up the majority, and once for the stereo samples. The mono set is what you can hear at the start of the track, and a stretched version of the stereo set starts when the drums come in. The drum sounds are from a set of drum loops that someone shared on Twitter. I added a bass sound using Razor and some delay with Valhalla Supermassive.

The track was included in The Rope Factory on Tak Tent Radio: 

More new music via Tokinogake soon…

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