Get This: 32 Tracks For Free – A Tribute to Peter Rehberg

The loss of Peter Rehberg prompted the $ pwgen 20 collective to express their grief by making music in his honour. This activity snowballed into a larger collaborative project as more and more artists expressed a desire to contribute. The result is a collection of 32 tracks by friends and fans of Peter including many whose music has been released via [Editions] Mego. The album was released on 22/01/2022, which marked 6 months since we lost Peter. The album is free/name-your-price, but any proceeds are going directly to Editions Mego to cover expenses.

Design by Tina Frank.
Mastered by Russell Haswell.
Promo video by Takashi Aoki.

In addition to designing the album artwork, Tina Frank’s contribution is a video, pliii:

$ pwgen 20 is a collective established by Ian M Fraser and Victor Moragues. The group initially coalesced around the project of making music with pulsar synthesis using Marcin Pietrusewski’s NuPG software. This led to the release of 3 compilation albums: Pulsar.scramble followed by Pulsar.scramble volumes 2 and 3. The Tokinogake collective also contributed to the tribute to Peter Rehberg by making a promo video, and many others contributed, especially C Lavender.

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