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Experiment in Synchresis

An animation of mine is to be screened this week at the Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, 15-19 October 2012. The exhibition, Chromista (named after photosynthetic aquatic microorganisms), is curated by Geoff Litherland and Jim Boxall, and focuses on video works that … Continue reading

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From 2011 to 2012

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of gateways who represents transitions or beginnings and endings. His two faces look simultaneously forward to the future and back to the past. Similarly, January is a time for reflection and planning, … Continue reading

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The Sound of Air (part 1)

I am fascinated by the effect of air on sound. In particular, I’m interested in the effect it has on the sound of air and road traffic. It sounds like a ‘tumbling’ or ‘folding’ of sound, with fluctuations in loudness, … Continue reading

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