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Why Are Artists Poor?

A recent article on artnet ruffled feathers on Twitter with a claim that artists’ pay is predetermined by their physiology, based on its reporting of a new neuroscientific study. The article headline is “Why Are Artists Poor? New Research Suggests … Continue reading

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Block cellular automaton, rule number 39 in the Wolfram Atlas of Simple Programs, 40 cells × 40 generations. GIF made with just 2 frames: original + inverted image, 50 ms.

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2015 music

Some of the things I’ve enjoyed listening to this year: Rian Treanor – A Rational Tangle (The Death of Rave) Mark Fell named some tracks on his UL8 album ‘Acid in the Style of Rian Treanor’. Connie Treanor narrated the … Continue reading

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An interactive header image on AFX’s changes vertical and horizontal pixellation with mouse position. The background image rotates, whilst the pixels remain in the same orientation, producing a coarse-grained Moiré effect. At the highest resolution – with the mouse … Continue reading

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Welcome to my new site. This is where I’ll write about my academic research and my experiments in visual and audio complexity. There’s nothing much to see yet, but I’ll be adding stuff very soon. :¬) Guy

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