Symmetry-Breaking was released via Runningonair Music on 11/07/11. The album represents an expansion of technique from traditional instrumentation towards a new practice involving digital audio manipulation, field recording and granular synthesis. A collection of a year’s worth of experiments in algorithmic composition and audio analysis and synthesis, informed by research into audio perception and production.

Symmetry-Breaking is available via Runningonair Music as a limited edition of 100 double CDs containing two versions of the album: Version 000 is the regular edition on disc 1, and versions 001–100 are the limited editions on disc 2. Each limited disc includes three tracks rendered uniquely for that edition. The CDs include a handmade insert with individual artwork and details about the music’s creation. Download via Bandcamp includes a PDF version of the insert and liner notes.

See the album visualized as a spectrogram here.


“…a compelling listening experience.”
Adam A. Williams, Fluid Radio

“It’s an immersive and intelligent listen.”
Mike, Norman Records

“…like Tortoise with a PhD in complexity theory”
Oliver Laing, Cyclic Defrost

“…this is beautiful and fascinating electronic music…”
Peter van Cooten,

“Listen up. You might learn something.”
John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

Review and interview by Guillermo Escudero at


Fourier-Gabor included in Endless Endless v6 mix by Audiobulb:

Ice Cloud Ten included in Day of the Dead mix by Joe Evans for FutureSequence.

Bramble included in SEQUENCE2 compilation from FutureSequence.

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