Non-Academic Research

Diamond, A., Roberts, J., Vorley, T., Birkin, G., Evans, J., Sheen, J. & Nathwani, T. (2014). UK Review of the provision of information about higher education: Advisory Study and Literature Review. London: Higher Education Funding Council for England.

Evans, J. & Birkin, G. (2013). Fit for Purpose: Can the A-level Art & Design be improved? London: University of the Arts London.

Bowes, L., Bysshe, S., Moreton, R., Howe, P. & Birkin, G. (2013). Evaluation of National Careers Service Partnership Delivery. London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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Birkin, G., (2010). Aesthetic Complexity: Production and Perception in Art & Design. PhD. Nottingham Trent University. [Info.]

Birkin, G., (2005). Craft in Art. Registered masters thesis. Nottingham Trent University.

Birkin, G., (2005). Taxonomy of Digital Art. Masters thesis. Nottingham Trent University.

Conference Papers

Birkin, G., (2007). Art & Complexity: An Exploration of Aesthetics. In: 6th Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Jurys Hotel, Washington DC, USA, 13–15 June, 2007. p. 278.

Mottram, J. and Birkin, G., (2007). Pattern Beyond Fashion: creativity, complexity theory, ecological optics and enduring appeal. In: Extreme fashion: pushing the boundaries of design, business and technology, IFFTI Conference 2007, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, 12–15 April, 2007.

Birkin, G., (2005). Art, Digitality and Consciousness. In: 5th Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Goldsmiths College, London, 12–15 April 2005. pp. 279–282.


Birkin, G., Pitchford, J. and Al-Khraisha, M., (Eds.), (2009). Challenging Your Field: Proceedings of the Research Practice Course Conference. Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK, 22 May, 2009.


PhD abstract published via Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

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