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  1. ST says:

    I am just another music lover and apologize in advance if my query is rather amusing to you. I discovered your blog while searching for spectrograms of sound recorded at our ear level. How much they get distorted while travelling from the source to the ears and things like that. I saw you Sound of Air (P1) article but could find other the other parts. Please let me know if you have the following samples:-

    1) spectrogram of live instrument at recorded listeners ear level.
    2) spectrogram of the same replayed via loudspeakers at taken at the listener’s ear level. The replay method is broken into two parts. One is digital and another one is analogue.

    Thank you and warm regards,

    • Guy says:

      Hello ST,

      I’m sorry, but I don’t have any recordings of the type that you describe, so I have no spectrograms of such recordings either.


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