Fractal Animation

s2[2000@16fps]pad (2008) digital animation, 2:05 loop. An early experiment in time-stretching fractal images in motion. This animation extends what would normally have been a 125-frame sequence to 2,000 frames. Colour palette derived from a hi-res scan of a thistle leaf. Made with Apophysis software, based on the fractal flames algorithm by Draves & Reckase (2007)

s4n[9600@16]-chromista4 (2013) digital animation, 10:00, loop. Longer version of the animation, at greater spatial and temporal resolution (9,600 frames of animation). Extending the duration of the animation loop by using more frames reveals greater detail, suggesting that this is a temporal fractal as well as spatial. Also an experiment in synchresis, with a soundtrack created by measuring the visual properties of the animation frames (number of unique colours and file size) and using those data to control audio parameters in time with the visuals.

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