SEQUENCE4 + Ptinid 3

I’m very pleased to have a track included on SEQUENCE4, the fourth compilation of experimental ambient, drone, minimal, electronic and modern classical music put together by Ed Hamilton and Michael Waring, and released via the Futuresequence label. The track, Ptinid 3, originally dates from around two years ago and represents early musical experiments with phasing patterns and digitally-synthesized bell sounds. The quiet melodic part was improvised and recorded live, without rehearsal, playing a two-octave virtual keyboard using a mouse. All sounds are generated with the XILS3 VSTi synth, which is modelled on the EMS VCS3. The piece nearly made it onto my album Symmetry-Breaking, but didn’t quite fit its structure. Recently, it was revived and polished up with some careful EQ-ing and light compression. I’ve always been quite fond of this piece, and so I’m proud to be able to share it through this compilation. It’s also an honour to be amongst such good musical company. I particularly like the juxtaposition of Le Berger‘s piece prior to mine in the track list, which is similarly sparse and yet which differs in tonal/noise content.

The 42-track album is available for free download via Bandcamp.

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