Tintinnabuli Mathematica Vol. I


I’m pleased to announce that, with the help of Joe Evans at Runningonair Music, my new album, Tintinnabuli Mathematica Vol. I., has been released. It’s the result of a generative music project that I’ve been  working on for over three years, and which is still ongoing. The Mathematica in the title refers to the algorithmic processes and number sequences that are used as the basis for the melodic parts of the music, and also to the programming language that is used to code the algorithms and generate the sequences. Tintinnabuli is Arvo Pärt’s compositional method. In this project the method is coded in Mathematica and programmed to generate harmonic parts by transforming the melodic parts.

The MIDI files that are generated with those processes are voiced with a single instrument – the free VSTi Synth1, which is modelled on the Nord Lead 2 ‘Red’ synthesizer. The idea was to keep the sounds quite similar to allow the different musical structures to be perceived. The main effects used are those by Variety of Sound, specifically FerricTDS and ThrillseekerVBL for dynamics processing, NastyVCS and pre-FIX for EQ, and NastyDLA mkII for delay. I’ve written more about the processes behind this project in the post Programming Arvo Pärt. This album  –  Vol. I – comprises the first 11 pieces of music from this project. The 12th piece was released on the SEQUENCE7 compilation album. The next volume will continue the exploration of the relationship between the programming language and the musical language of tintinnabuli, but with new methods and different sounds.

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