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PARSA – uvuvu

The latest album by PARSA makes for some nice spectrograms. PARSA has previously made music with cellular automata (CODE147) and has recently collaborated with Ramtin Niazi (CLEANBOUNCE VARIATIONS) and with Beckton Alps2 as PARSALPS (Reductions). Here are some of spectrograms … Continue reading

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‘Bits’ + basic_sounds

I have a new EP out today via the basic_sounds netlabel which is run by Andrea Ayotte. These tracks are a bit different to my previous releases – partly because they’re less focused on a specific concept or process, and … Continue reading

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Opus 17a + EVOL

I recently had the honour of working on something for EVOL, the computer music project by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp. This particular project involved a re-creation of Opus 17a by Hanne Darboven, and my task was to … Continue reading

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Experimental Music Mix

On Tuesday 9th January, via KFAI radio, Eric Frye posted a new episode of Splice-Free, “a programme examining experimental compositions past and present”. The mix includes work by many artists whose work I admire: Alva Noto, Theo Burt, Jo Thomas, … Continue reading

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From T to Tree II

Whilst I had every intention of being more active on this blog, it just hasn’t happened, but that’s mainly because things have been so very busy. Apart from starting a new job, there are lots of projects in the pipeline … Continue reading

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